We recently initiated a project of building a community center for women that have lost their husbands and  who currently are living in very difficult conditions. This center will allow these women to acquire new skills through different trainings and be provided with the support they require. Please join us to support these women in making a huge impact in their lives. We need more resources to finalise with the works we have been implementing for the past 2 years.

ORPHANS or "STREET KIDS"True reality of many communities 


Decades of war in Angola and the Democratic Republic of Angola left many children without families.

Also the so-called witchcraft phenomenon, many children suffer abuses from their own parents and hundreds of them have fled their homes to live in the streets.

Life in the streets for these children is very painful as most of them involve themselves into drugs, sexual abuses, violence, robberies and gangs group.

Since its creation, DEMA Foundation made its mission to provide shelter, comfort and education to these children.

With diverses activities, DEMA Foundation wants these children to hope for a better future because they deserve it.






EDUCATION is one of our main objectives


Africa is the world’s most youthful continent. Today, nearly 50 percent of Africans are under age 15.
Africa’s young people are our future leaders and will be the driving force behind sustainable growth across
the continent. Investing in education and training is essential in building an educated and skilled workforce and to encourage innovation.
With decades of war, political and economical instablities many of African children don't even dream of going to school.
DEMA Foundation provide sponsorship to many children and  families in need and we are working towards building free access schools for these families with low or without incomes and as well as for these kids/children living in the streets.



ORPHANAGE and SHELTER for children in need

These children can have their only meal of the day because people of good faith have donated.

We are in constant need of donations and support from the member of the public in order to carry on these activities. 

Every day these abandoned children, who once lived in the streets, have a safe place to sleep and a meal as result of donations from the members of the public.


At these stage of life cicle, these children are very vulnerable and their lives are a constant struggle. A little help can make a huge difference in the lives of these kids.




We have been closer to the communities by working closely with local organisations by providing shelters and food to some street kids in the city capital of Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo




DEMA Foundation works with deprived families in Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo and England.

It is DEMA Foundation's mission to help and support people and families according to their needs.

We ensure that people we work with are provided with the basics they need to improve their living conditions and hope for better future.


Donations help sustain our organisation and benefit the communities which we serve.


We wish to change lives and we invite you to join us in this fight.

Your contribution, as little as you might think it is, it can make a huge difference.




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